Crafting the Resilient Life FAQ

Who should take the course?
Anyone who is interested in building a life of greater happiness and learning how to manage ups and downs with greater ease and health will benefit from this program. It is also appropriate for professionals interested in offering clients, students, team members, employees, and patients the fundamental teachings and tools of resilience.

How does it work?
The course is a combination of on-site and online learning over the course of four months. The first module is an online introduction, followed by a three-day immersion at Kripalu (Module 2). During Module 2, participants will be divided into small study groups for team work and coaching support for the duration of the course. Modules 3, 4, and 5 consist of online video lectures, webinars, conference calls, and journal homework. Students can share their experiences outside of their study groups in an online forum that will be moderated by Dr. Sirois. The course culminates in a second three-day immersion at Kripalu.

How difficult are the online portions of the program?
The online instruction components (video recordings and webinars) involve watching YouTube videos on your computer and/or participating in conference calls. Technological help is available at all times through the online classroom.

What happens online?
The online lessons are a combination of pre-recorded video lectures, live question-and-answer sessions via conference call with Dr. Maria Sirois, reading assignments, on-line forum discussions, homework, and small-group work. The virtual classroom is a password-protected website which can only be accessed by course participants. It houses homework, video lessons, and reading assignments, and offers the opportunity to read or post in a discussion group. Live question-and-answer sessions are held every other week and are recorded to benefit participants in various time zones. Participants who miss a call, or want to listen again, can access the recordings in the virtual classroom after the live event is over.

How is this program related to Kripalu’s Certificate in Positive Psychology?
Students will find that the material learned in Crafting the Resilient Life provides an excellent foundation for the Certificate in Positive Psychology.

How much does it cost?
Tuition is $974, plus room and meals; includes a $75 technology fee.

How much time should I allot for the course?
This program includes 31 contact hours through two on-campus immersions, regular online pre-recorded video lectures, and a final project. The course also includes regular peer groups sessions, live Q&A sessions with Dr. Sirois, and self-directed study, including homework and reading assignments. We suggest that you allocate 2–4 hours a week to the course.

How big will the class be?
We anticipate anywhere from 30–60 students in this course. Teaching assistants will be available to facilitate study-group processes, posting in the online classroom, and the overall learning process.

Does this program qualify for Continuing Education Credits?
The first immersion is currently eligible for CECs for nurses (14 hours), social workers (13.5 hours), and dieticians (14 hours).
The second immersion is currently eligible for CECs for nurses (12.5 hours), social workers (13.5 hours), and dieticians (12.5 hours).

How does this course make a difference in the lives of participants?
The intention of this course is provide you with the tools, practices, attitudes, and perspective that enable you to craft a more resilient life. Through this work, you may experience increased serenity, a greater capacity for tolerating uncertainty and difficult emotions, increased clarity about inner strengths, an expanded appreciation for life and your relationships and a sense of optimism both at home and at work. Each adult learner will bring their particular style, energy, and commitment to the program and will be at a unique time in their lives. Both of these factors will impact the efficacy of the course, however, the course is designed to have a positive impact no matter how difficult the level of current stressors and to provide deep understanding of how positive transformation happens at any time in one’s life.

Can I register for one online module or take only the immersion?
No, all modules are required.

What is the Internet connection requirement for this course? Would a satellite connection suffice?
Audio and video streaming are an integral part of the course. As long as you are able to watch videos with your connection, you will be able to participate.

Can I view the video lectures on my iPad?
Yes, the video lectures can be viewed in your iPad. The content has been optimized for the iOS platform.

Will online conversations and lectures be streamed at various/repeated times so that I can access them as it fits into my own schedule or am I required to be online at a specific time?
The video lessons will be recorded and available to you whenever it works for your schedule. The live conference calls with Dr. Sirois will be held twice a month. You may participate in live calls or listen to the recordings at your convenience. The only specific times you’ll be committing to are the group coaching sessions; your group will decide what works best for the team.

Is there financial aid available?
No, Kripalu does not offer financial aid for this program.

If I am not able to attend one of (or both) on-site sessions, could that be substituted in some way?
There is no substitute for the on-site sessions; they are an integral part of the experience.

What is the cancellation policy?
Refunds are given according to the following schedule: All monies will be refunded in full (less a $100 processing fee) if you cancel 7 or more days prior to start of program. For cancellations less than 7 days prior to program start and up to the day before the first on-site immersion (Module 2), 75% of program tuition costs and all housing charges will be refunded. After the start date of the first on-site immersion (Module 2), no further refunds or credits are available except for housing charges for the second on-site immersion (Module 6), which will be fully refunded. The standard cancellation policy applies to all other charges.

Where can I get additional information?
You can download the full course syllabus. You may also register for a free Meet-the-Faculty conference call. These calls are recorded so you can listen when it’s convenient for you if you can’t make the live event. You can also contact Registrations for more information about the course at 866.200.5203 or 413.448.3152.