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Kripalu Guest Stories: Randy S.

From Wall Street to the Yoga Mat Back in 2002, I believed I was “Master of the Universe,” trading and earning millions on Wall Street. On April 11 of that year, I had a doctor’s appointment before work, to check out some strange symptoms I’d been having—my right pinky finger kept twitching, and I had [...]

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Kripalu Guest Stories: Lin W.

Losing Weight, Gaining Consciousness I found myself in my mid-fifties a total workaholic, overweight, completely unhealthy, lacking in energy and motivation, and suffering from degenerating joints. After MRIs on both knees indicated that I had arthritis, I decided to go to Kripalu. It was a decision that changed my life. I had first visited Kripalu [...]

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Kripalu Guest Stories: Ron A.

A Yogi at Heart Growing up in my family, every single emotion was tied to food. If you were happy, you ate. If you were sad or frustrated, you ate. If you were celebrating, you ate. There was a strong family history of poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Four years ago, when I [...]

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Moving Forward: A Cancer Survivor Explores Bold New Directions

When I plopped into the opening night welcome circle of the Kripalu Healthy Living program Radiance: Create an Amazing Life After Cancer, I was exhausted. That morning, I had attended the memorial service for my dear friend, Dara, who had passed a week before. A couple hundred people gathered to share stories, laughter, tears, and [...]

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